Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has approved Indian Coast Guard’s proposal to acquire 14 Fast patrol vessels for enhancing maritime security under the Buy (Indian-IDDM) with a condition of having 60 per cent of indigenous content.

Indian Navy will also procure an upgraded 1250KW capacity Marine Gas Turbine Generator.

L&T Patrol Vessels, Equipment And Systems For the Naval Industry

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is India's leading private sector provider for the supply of defence vessels, equipment and systems, and has been involved with their development for more than 20 years.

The company is the largest supplier of patrol vessels to the Indian Coast Guard, currently designing and constructing 54 Fast Interceptor Boats and 07 Offshore Patrol vessels. L&T is one of the few companies equipped to supply Fast Patrol Vessels for the Indian Coast Guard.

Interceptor boats have been designed for coastal defence duties and to perform roles of day / night coastal patrolling and surveillance, including high-speed interception in anti-terrorist / anti-smuggling / light-intensity military operations and search-and-rescue operations.

The boat features an aluminium hull and is capable of a maximum sustainable speed of more than 40k at moderate sea conditions.

Principal parameters include:

Length overall: about 27m
Breadth max: 6.4m
Max speed: 45k
Cruising speed: 20k
Propulsion: twin diesel engines on twin water jets
Range: 500NM
Endurance: 24 hours, logistically sustainable for 72 hours
Crew: 13 with space for ten detainees / passengers

India’s first indigenously designed, high-speed, 27m interceptor vessel has been constructed with a carefully crafted hull form, combining high speed with good ride quality.

Several unique features set L&T’s interceptor boats well ahead of other designs in terms of its stability in high-speed turns, manoeuvrability, and seakeeping. The hull is constructed entirely of aluminium alloy to meet the vessel’s stringent weight budget.

Exports To Friendly Countries

L&T has been allocated a major order in 2016 of $100 million from the Vietnam Border Guard for the design and construction of high-speed patrol boats in India, as well as the transfer of design and technology along with equipment supply and material kits for construction of follow-on vessels at Vietnam Shipyard. The boats were delivered to the Vietnamese in  mid 2020.

GRSE Kolkata in July 2021 bagged an order to manufacture six patrol boats for Bangladesh. The order has been awarded to GRSE through international competitive bidding where other international players from Europe and Asia were in the fray, said the spokesperson. GRSE has also exported warships to Mauritius, Guyana, Sir Lanka, Seychelles etc over the years.