JAISALMER: Army chief General Bipin Rawat in Barmer, on the presence of Chinese soldiers along with the Pakistan army and increased army activities across the border adjoining Rajasthan, said that there is no need to be scared of this. If they will take action, then India Army is completely ready. Army is training at Barmer-Jaisalmer.

Rawat said that operation to clean terrorists in Kashmir will be further speeded up. He was speaking to people after inaugurating the statue of martyr Dharma Ram at Barmer. Rawat said Indian army is ready to face all challenges and there is no need to be scared of increased activities of Pakistan army. Indian army is not less in any regard. These days training program is going on in desert area and I have come to see night activities in this special exercise, he said.

On the question of withdrawing 4,000 cases against stone pelters, Rawat said, in Jammu and Kashmir, there 11,000 cases pending against stone pelters and 4,000 such cases have been withdrawn in which youth were seen pelting stone only once.

Rawat said, action against terrorists is going on in Valley and it will be further intensified and soon terrorists will be wiped out. Inaugurating the statue of martyr Dharma Ram he said the families of martyrs will not face any problems.

He said, because of MP Sonaram Choudhary, he got the chance to attend this event. He said, martyr Dharma Ram has shown his valour in many operations against terrorists. Dharma Ram laid his life after killing Lashkar district commander.

He said, the entire country is proud of martyr Dharma Ram and family has got all facilities with the efforts of the government. Children of martyrs should get good education and should join military school and serve the country. On the question of increasing retirement age of soldiers he said this demand has been raised at a very small level and if demand increases then it will be considered.