Raymond cloth is now available for army’s olive green uniform, commonly known as OG, and IAF’s summer dress

NEW DELHI: Private companies can now manufacture uniforms for the defence services.

Branded fabric and fashion retailer Raymond has begun supplying uniform cloth to the defence ministry’s Canteen Stores Department (CSD) for Indian Air Force and Indian Army, the army has said.

Raymond cloth is now available for army’s olive green uniform, commonly known as OG, and IAF’s summer dress.

“Initial order quantity has been supplied to most of the CSD depots,” said Col Aman Anand, public relations officer (PRO) of the army.

“The said item is being issued based on the submission of demand by the unit-run canteens,” he said.

In CSD’s supply chain, items are sent from depots to canteens.

The Raymond cloth being supplied to the CSD is at least Rs 400 cheaper than its maximum retail price (MRP), Col Anand said. The CSD price of the army uniform cloth is Rs 781.20 and that of IAF cloth is Rs 716.10, while the MRP for both is Rs 1,200.

The quality of Raymond’s fabric has been tested according to the technical specifications given by the army and IAF headquarters.

The initial orders procured for the army and IAF uniform cloth are worth Rs 13.82 lakh and Rs 25.34 lakh, respectively, Col Anand said.

Officials said authentic Raymond cloth will ensure uniformity in uniforms.

If these items generate good demand, then CSD will place a greater order, they said.

“In the CSD, the philosophy followed when a new item is introduced is to place a minimal order and then see if the customer likes it,” an official said.

While there is no proposal for other uniforms of the services, CSD is open to more companies coming forward to supply their products so that there is variety and competition. A few more companies have been narrowed down for this. “Introduction of item in CSD depends on approaching of companies with their proposal,” the army said. “CSD is open to introduction by any other reputed firm by following the laid down procedure for introduction.”

Last month, the defence ministry had approved a list of basic clothing items that Jawans and junior commissioned officers can purchase from an annual dress allowance granted to them under the seventh pay commission. These personnel can use this allowance to buy uniform cloth from canteens.

Raymond didn’t respond to ET queries on the matter as of press time Sunday.