Ahead of the general elections in Pakistan, Brussels-based non-profit Organisation International Crisis Group (ICJ) has reported that there is widespread dissatisfaction among the local people regarding the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Citing inadequate employment and overbearing presence of the military in the region the report said that the people were discontent with the project.

The report also said that the project may result in political tensions and animosity unless Pakistan and China take immediate steps to pacify the existing concerns of common people.

ICJ has raised doubts over CPEC's ability to deliver economic gains to Pakistan despite repeated claims of the two countries.

Also, militants have killed several Pak citizens for being involved with the CPEC, the report said.

The region along the corridor has seen a widespread protest against China and Pakistan.

The local people have protested against the CPEC citing that the inhabitants along the route have not been consulted in the construction of the corridor. Neither have they received any compensation for the exploitation of their land.

The project holds great importance for China as the country hopes to access and connect with the Gulf countries through it. China is therefore desperate to avoid incidents that can halt the project.

With the general elections approaching in Pakistan, the report may force the Pak politicians to acknowledge and address the long going concern of the people residing in the region.