by Rajveer Singh Prajapati

India’s present foreign policy is a balloon that had nothing but air, and now the air is coming out. If one puts aside Public Relations Campaign & pro-government media reports then what is left in the name of foreign Policy is a disaster. PM Modi has spent most of his tenure roaming around the world to strengthen the foreign Policy & strategic depth but instead achieved nothing less than bear-hugs and photo ops. 

In the last 4 years, India has almost lost its only and most trusted time-tested strategic defence partner Russia for the love of US. Throughout the history, Russia has not just been the provider of best Offensive as well as Defensive military equipment to India with zero condition attached, but also a friend who has shielded India in United Nations when required. However, what India got in the last decade from the United States is 15 billion dollar worth of mostly logistical and not so critical offensive or defensive equipment. It’s well known that the US doesn’t sell arms without conditions attached to it.

Many believed, quickly getting into American camp would help to tame the raging dragon in the north. However, defence Analysts have a different view on it. They believe strengthening deep ties with Russia would have not just helped but provided better opportunities to keep China in check in South Asia as Russia’s relation with China as best in recent times.

The friend with enemy’s best friend is the best way to deal with your enemy. 

Pakistan’s relationship with the US went southward ever since Osama was found on its land. China was the only support Pakistan was left. However, India’s hurry into American camp has offered an opportunity for Pakistan to establish diplomatic relations with Russia. This resulted in first-ever Military exercise between Pakistan & Russia. Not just that Russia has sold Advance Military helicopters to Pakistan which obviously is not going to waste on terrorists. There were talks of Su-35 as well, but talks didn’t take through for 2 reasons. First, India is still by volume largest buyer of Russian arms and second Pakistan coffers can’t afford cough-up enough dollars to buy Su-35s in near future.

Pakistan’s warming relations with Russia could leave a bitter taste in India’s mouth if in future Russia chooses either to absent in vote or to vote in favour of Pakistan in United Nations. India can’t afford such turn of the table when China is stronger than ever and American’s can’t be trusted with life. 

India’s biggest mistake in foreign policy was to move too quickly & too close to the US in the name of the independent foreign policy. Although India can’t afford to pursue an independent foreign policy for three reasons – Oil, Defence and Trade. India’s 80 percent oil need is dependent on import, the US is the largest trade partner and Russia is the largest Defence partner. In all the three arenas India is dependent country. 

India’s self-proclaimed foreign policy has gone for the toss when US threatened to Punish if India chooses to continue to buy Iranian Oil and Russian S-400 Air defence system. 

India must re-evaluate its place in geopolitics and then align the foreign policy. India must learn to balance both East and West else it could cause irreparable damage to India’s reputation at the world’s stage. 

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