EFSAS said Pakistan’s railway minister’s statements expose the elemental dysfunctional in country’s government. Army chief dictates decisions to Imran Khan and he is merely a rubber stamp PM - EFSAS observed. The think tank termed minister’s remarks as “provocative” and “mischievous” and an irresponsible act of inducting security and politics into faith of Sikhs

European Foundation for South Asian Studies in a statement said statements from Pakistani minister about Kartarpur corridor expose nature of Pakistan state where the PM functions under orders of the army chief.

Amsterdam: European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS), an Amsterdam based European think tank, in a statement released on Friday said that the recent statement by the railway minister of Pakistan - Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad on Kartarpur corridor exposes the elemental dysfunctional of the country’s government. The statement of EFSAS read,” The perversity of the dynamics of governance in Pakistan was laid starkly bare by Rasheed. What he implicitly confirmed through his statement was the widely held view in Pakistan that Imran Khan was a ‘selected’ (as opposed to elected) Prime Minister who was firmly under the thumb of the authority that ‘selected’ him, the Army Chief, and that Khan was merely a rubber stamp for the decisions that the army chief dictated to him.”

The think tank termed the minister’s remarks as “provocative” and “mischievous” and said that his statements revealed the hollow and distorted character of Pakistan’s democracy.

EFSAS mentioned that Rasheed has irresponsibly inducted security and politics into the issue of religion and the faith of millions of Sikhs.