On March 27th 2019, India shot down a satellite with an anti-satellite missile and joined a group of world powers with such capability.

Space is seen as a key military domain by the world’s superpowers. While anti-satellite missiles are by no means new, only a few countries have been able to develop, test and prove the capability. Satellites make up the backbone of GPS, communications, intelligence and more — making the ability to destroy spacecraft a coveted military strength.

Image: BCCL         

The test, dubbed “Mission Shakti,” was carried out by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, or DRDO. the research and development arm of the country’s military.

However, India is not planning to carry out a second test of its anti-satellite (ASAT) missile, either in lower or higher orbits as per a report in the media. The report further stated that work will continue on improving the missile and technology and fine-tuning of the systems will continue to take place to provide it with more lethality.

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