​Thanking COVID Warriors

As the novel Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the world, governments globally are announcing larger-than-life gestures to uplift the dreary mood of the populace, and to thank the toiling frontline workers. The examples are everywhere, from Dubai lighting up Burj Khalifa, to New York having a flypast.


India too initiated a host of events to cheer up corona warriors, who are basically frontline workers like doctors, nurses, sanitation workers etc. "During the current crisis, it is the doctors, nurses, policemen, media, sanitation workers, delivery personnel, bank employees, government employees and local store owners who have put their lives on the line to ensure that we as a nation are protected and cared for adequately," said Army PRO Colonel Aman Anand.

​Indian Air Force

There was a flypast by the Air Force from Srinagar to Trivandrum, and another one from Dibrugarh in Assam to Kutch in Gujarat. It included both transport & fighter aircrafts. A media report pointed out that the operating cost for bigger planes, and jets could be around 6.5- 7 crore per hour.

​Indian Army

The Indian Army on its part conducted mountain band displays along some of the COVID-19 hospitals in almost every district of the country. The armed forces also laid a wreath at the police memorial on May 3 in support of our police forces.

​Indian Navy

The Navy on its part had its warships deployed in formations in coastal areas on the evening of May 3. Indian Navy warships also lit up and their choppers were used for showering petals on hospitals. These activities, while uplifting and encouraging, were also exorbitant.