China continues to crush the Muslim-majority region of ethnic Uighurs. Apart from opening concentration camps and forcing locals to quit religious practices, China has now resorted to humiliation. It has built public toilets and liquor shops over what were once masjids

Demolishing masjids is not enough for bully nation China, they add insult to injury by building toilets atop the land that held holy prayers. Here is a report of atrocities on Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang region.

China continues its assault on the lifestyle and traditions of the Uighur Muslims of its Xinjiang province. In the latest affront to the ancient practices of the natives of the region, China has reportedly felled a Masjid and built a public convenience Toilet atop it.

As per a report in the Navbharat Times, two Masjids in the Sungam village of Atush have been replaced by public toilets now. It cites a news portal that mentions Tokul Masjid was demolished in 2018 to build a toilet for Han Comrades. 

In place of the Ajna Masjid, now a cigarette and liquor shop has been built and is operational.

Through its mouthpiece newspaper Global Times, China last year published that Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is making efforts to update toilets in the region in order to promote local residents' living standards and to attract more visitors. 

"Fuyun county started building new toilets for local residents years ago under the call for a "toilet revolution." From the beginning of this year, the local government helped build a bathroom with a squatting pan and a washbasin for every household in the county, Hu Jinliang, an official from the publicity department of Fuyun county in Altay Prefecture," told the Global Times.