Sharjeel Kharal, Deputy Inspector General of Police in the South Karachi region confirmed the blast while revealing that a bomb had been installed at the gate of the bus terminal. The explosion wreaked havoc in Karachi and an investigation on the site is underway.

What was at first believed to be a cylinder explosion turned out to be a serious bomb blast at a bus stop in the the Shireen Jinnah Colony in Pakistan's capital city Karachi on Tuesday afternoon.

Police officers and the Rangers paramilitary officers in Karachi have established during their investigation that the bomb was made of ball bearings and detonated with a remote control device, Pakistan’s Samaa publication reported.

At least six people so far have been injured. They have been taken to local hospitals for first aid treatment.

Videos from the site have emerged on social media.

Details about the reason for the explosion, as well as its target and perpetrator remain as yet unclear.