QRSAM system mounted on a Ashok Leyland chassis before undergoing mobility trials

The DRDO completed the developmental trials for the short-range missile system with Friday’s test and will soon start user trials by the army and the air force before its induction by the military. India test-fired Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missiles - QRSAM - from the integrated test facility in Odisha’s Balasore

India on Friday successfully test-fired the all-weather Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missiles that has a range of 30 km, wrapping up the developmental trials that had been continuing for the last few years. In the next phase, the short-range missile will be tested by the army and the air force before going into production and induction by the military.

The sophisticated missile was test-fired at about 3.40 pm from a mobile launcher at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur near here. It successfully destroyed the target, people familiar with the matter said.

The missile, which can strike an aerial target cruising at a height of 15 km, is launched from a mobile two-vehicle system; one carries the missile and the second, the radar that helps acquire the targets. Because it is mobile, it can stay on the move and evade counter-attacks by the enemy.

The radar can simultaneously track 100 targets and engage 6 targets.

The first trial of the QRSAM was conducted on 4 June 2017.