India is observing the 37th anniversary of Operation Meghdoot that saw the Indian Army gaining control over the world's highest and toughest battlefield -- Siachen Glacier

The Indian Army took to Twitter to celebrate the day, "13 April 1984. #ThisDayThatYear Operation Meghdoot. Indian Army secured Siachen Glacier on April 13, 1984. Even today, the Indian soldiers are serving on the world's most challenging battlefield without thinking of their lives and writing a story of courage and bravery. #Siachen."

Over 11,000 soldiers and officers have sacrificed their lives since the Indian Army began Operation Meghdoot on the Siachen Glacier on April 13, 1984. The Operation enabled India to secure the strategically important glacier by occupying key passes and ridges on the Saltoro Range.

The Indian Army continues to deploy troops and equipment on the Siachen glacier to guard the battlefield braving the most challenging environment.

Operation Meghdoot was the first assault launched at the world's highest and toughest battlefield. Sitting astride two disputed boundaries with Pakistan and China, Siachen is a 76.4 kilometre-long glacier in the Karakoram range, covers around 10,000 square kilometres of uninhabited terrain.

In 1974, Pakistan started permitting their mountaineering expeditions into Siachen Glacier. By the spring of 1983, India understood that it needed to maintain a close watch on Siachen. On this day in 1984, a platoon of 4 Kumaon regiment led by then Captain Sanjay Kulkarni planted the first Indian Flag on Siachen Glacier at Bilafond La which began Operation Meghdoot.

Former Indian Army officer Lt Gen Yash Mor (Retd) said, "It is one of the glorious chapters in the history of modern India. Operation Meghdoot -- The taking of the formidable Siachen glacier in a pre-emptive action by the Indian Army on April 13, 1984."

"Pakistan army tried everything possible to recapture the glacier watershed but could never succeed in front of valour and bravery of our soldiers," Gen Mor said, adding, "Till date over 11000 soldiers have sacrificed their lives in service to mother India."