The bloodshed in Galwan on June 15, 2020 was the fiercest Sino-Indian encounter on the Line of Actual Control since the 1962 war

The bloodshed in Galwan on June 15, 2020, was the fiercest Sino-Indian encounter on the Line of Actual Control since the 1962 war. 20 brave Indian troops who were critically injured in the line of duty at the stand-off location and exposed to sub-zero temperatures were killed in action.
China lost all trust from India while India stood strong to hit hard the Chinese desire for expansionism. As the incident at Galwan completes one year, Indian continues to pursue status-quo-ante, the demand for all troops to return to April 2020 position.

The Indian Military, political and diplomatic leadership have made collective efforts to bring the situation along the LAC in the country's favour.

India succeeded in the disengagement from the Northern and Southern banks of Pangong Tso where both the countries pulled back over 320 tanks and thousands of troops from the region.

According to the top officials of the Indian Army, there remain suspicions on both sides on the issue of disengagement from other friction points like Gogra, Depsang plains, and Hot springs but India is making good headway in the de-escalation process. Experts say, we cannot expect quick resolve but India is making progress diplomatically.

Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat has said on various occasions that Army will not let its guards down and it is cautious with the neighbour at all times. De-escalation is the primary focus of the forces because when the troops are closely placed, there is an increased chance of face-off. To avoid another ugly situation dialogue process is on. As the Army leadership confirms, it is a slow process but moving well.

Turnover of troops is continuously taking place on both sides. Chinese PLA has had a tougher time along the LAC as they do not have experience of long haul in the region, while Indian troops have been deployed I'm the region as a usual part of tenure. Exercises are being conducted on both sides to maintain operational preparedness. Chinese exercises are being monitored very carefully by the Indian Army.

Political, diplomatically, military levels efforts are focussing on the achievement of status quo ante to bring back the faith in each other. Lower commanders are in close communication.

In the last 12 months, India has prepared for a 360-degree response to China in terms of contact and non-contact warfare. The banning of apps, economic pullbacks, psychological pressure, modernization of the Army for enhanced capabilities has been the agenda to curb Chinese expansionist designs. Indian Army is preparing for future wars including biological warfare. India is also instrumental in approaching the International community to unite against the threats from China. Proactive efforts from the Ministry of External Affairs are being made to ensure a collective effort against the bully neighbour.

Seeking to resolve the ongoing issues along with the friction points in Gogra, Hot Springs ad Depsang plains in Ladakh, India, and China have held 11 rounds of military talks in last year. Sources from the Indian Army said that India has made clear that it would agree to de-escalation only if it is simultaneous and the withdrawal is equal from both sides and addresses mutual security concerns.

After having successfully disengaged with China in the Pangong lake area, the Armies of India and China are likely to discuss further disengagement from Gogra heights and Depsang plains.

India-China talks so far have taken place on the following dates:

Round 1: June 6, 2020
Round 2: June 22, 2020
Round 3: June 30, 2020
Round 4: July 14, 2020
Round 5: August 2, 2020
Round 6: September 21, 2020
Round 7: October 13, 2020
Round 8: November 6, 2020
Round 9: January 24, 2021
Round 10: February 20, 2021
Round 11: April 9, 2021

No date has been so far finalized for the next round of talks between India and China but India has not only made it clear that it believes in a peaceful resolution of the stand-off through dialogue but it is also capable enough to counter any challenges along all its borders.