Pakistani dissidents, including rights activists, journalists, and members of the minority groups, have been warned by intelligence services across Europe

Pakistani exiles in London who criticise the country's strong military have been told that their lives are in jeopardy, raising new concerns about authoritarian governments pursuing overseas dissidents in the United Kingdom.

British security sources are concerned that Pakistan — a close friend of the UK, notably on intelligence matters – may be willing to attack individuals on British territory.

According to Kiyya Baloch and Mark Townsend of The Observer, British security sources are concerned that Pakistan may be willing to attack people living in the United Kingdom.

Intelligence services throughout Europe have sent warnings to Pakistani dissidents, including human rights campaigners, journalists, and members of minority communities.

This comes just a month after local media reported that a guy from east London had been accused of plotting the assassination of a Pakistani blogger and political activist in the Netherlands.

Last month, a man from east London was accused of planning the assassination of Ahmad Waqass Goraya, an exiled Pakistani blogger and political activist, in the Netherlands.

Muhammad Gohir Khan, 31, of Forest Gate, east London, was detained at St Pancras station in London after arriving from the Netherlands. He appeared at the Old Bailey.

If the Pakistani military had threatened exiles in the UK then this would be taken very seriously, said Mark Lyall Grant, former UK high commissioner to Pakistan.

Lyall Grant, who is UK's former national security adviser (NSA), said, "If there is illegal pressure, in particular on journalists in the UK, then I would expect the law enforcement agencies and the British government to take notice of that and to make an appropriate legal and/or diplomatic response."

Grant further said that any evidence that officers from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) were intimidating people in the UK would not be ignored.