Denmark PM Mette Frederiksen poses for a photograph outside the premises of  Taj Mahal

Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederikson, who is on a three-day visit to India, stressed on Monday the need for India to become part of the global supply chain. In an exclusive interview with India Today TV, she said the world could not remain dependent on "one country" for supply chain.

With the global supply chain facing major problems due to Covid-19 pandemic, Frederikson said, "[The world] cannot rely on one country [China] alone.”

She said countries need to work together on the green strategic partnership to fight climate change.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met his Danish counterpart on Saturday, who is on her first state visit to India. India and Denmark are focussing on four tracks of engagements going forward: climate, energy, water and green financing.

The prime minister said that when it comes to green transition, India and Denmark stood shoulder to shoulder as the two countries shared visions for a greener, brighter and more prosperous future.

“Like PM Modi said Denmark has the skill, India has the scale. We need to ensure that we work together to further our green objectives,” she said.

“I know this is as important to India as it is to Denmark. Not only do we need to set targets. We also need to deliver real change,” the prime minister said in her speech at the India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership event in Delhi.

The prime minister had earlier said, “We consider India as a close partner. I see this visit as a milestone for Denmark-India bilateral relations."

The two countries discussed matters on ease of doing business as the prime minister said while companies were keen to come and work in India, sometimes there could be administrative hurdles.

India and Denmark discussed the situation unfolding in neighbouring Afghanistan and spoke on the need for inclusivity. “We remember seeing women out there, their beautiful pictures on the walls. Now it is all gone and if this continues then they will be pushed to the dark ages,” she said.

Meanwhile, on matters relating to Jammu and Kashmir and human rights, Frederikson said that Denmark and India could not be compared. “There might be areas of difficulties but we respect the democratic values India upholds,” she added.