Pakistan following its old line of disowning and refusing to take back its own people has once again refused to take back its slain terrorist’s body after Border Security Forces (BSF) neutralised the intruder in Jammu’s Arnia town during the late hours of January 3, reports Republic TV. The Pakistani terrorist was neutralised in gun firing after the Border Security Force (BSF) patrol team detected suspicious movement along the barbed wire fence at the border outpost in the forward area at Border Out Post (BOP) of Balley Chak.

“Alert troops of BSF, after noticing the suspicious movement of a Pak intruder in Arnia sector of Jammu in an area opposite to BP No 978, challenged him. But he did not stop thus compelling them (troops) to open fire,” the official said. “Intruder was killed on the spot,” an official said.

When the killed terrorist was searched after the firing, the Indian Armed Forces discovered not only a sack with the markings “Karachi Fertilizers Company Limited,” but also a COVID-19 vaccine certificate that had been acknowledged by qualified and authorized Pakistani authorities.

Following this, the Indian Army contacted the cross-border Pakistani forces and offered them to take over the dead body for the last rites of the dead terrorist, but the Pakistani forces refused to account for the same.

The Pakistani Army not only refused to take back the intruder but the Pakistan Defence Analyst Brigadier Harris Nawaz was also seen shielding Pakistan’s interests by saying that his country did not indulge in such activities as Pakistan ‘does not need to’. He claimed the youth of Kashmir are killing Indian soldiers and alleged that the BSF has been killing innocent women and civilians in Kashmir.

Following the incident, the BSF reported that it found three AK-47 rifles, five packets of heroin, four pistols, five AK-47 rifle magazines, two pistol magazines, 14 AK-47 rounds, and seven 9mm bullets during a search operation for further intruders or any recoveries. Around 10.10 a.m., BSF troops from 98 Battalion discovered the rifles and ammunition hidden in a sack bag amid shrubs near Border Post 35. Along with this, the Indian troop had also shot and killed another intruder in the Bullechak region.

Pakistan has an old habit of disowning and refusing to accept its own people

The failure of Islamabad to accept the sacrifices made by its troops fighting their country’s war is nothing new. Since their misadventure in Kargil two decades ago, the country’s demeanour had been this way.

In 2019, Pakistan has refused to accept the bodies of the 5-7 Pakistani intruders who were killed by the Indian Army after they had tried to infiltrate the country. After a successful operation, the Indian Army had offered Pakistan Army to take over the dead bodies of their five to seven Pakistan BAT army soldiers and terrorists.

During the Kargil war too, the Pakistani Army had disowned soldiers and officers from the Northern Light Infantry, which had taken over Indian installations. These infantry soldiers had acted upon the orders of the Pakistani Army’s top brass, General Pervez Musharraf. Their Pakistani government, however, repaid their sacrifices by denying that they were their soldiers. Despite strong evidence to the contrary, Islamabad defended its position in international forums, alleging that the infiltrators in question were ‘mujahideen’ ‘terrorists,’ not their regular Army soldiers.

The retrieved Pakistani military IDs and Ordnance Factory marked weaponry issued to the Pakistan army were shown to international agencies by the Indian government. The recovered personal diaries from Pakistani soldiers revealed their challenges, goals, and the severe conditions under which they were stationed.

Despite this, Pakistan’s government had maintained its denial that its forces were engaged. The Indian forces were forced to bury the Pakistani soldiers with full military honours out of professional courtesy and respect for their foe, despite their own country claiming they were not their soldiers.