Islamabad: Vociferously asking for an early election in Pakistan, beleaguered PTI chief Imran Khan on Saturday alleged that the US, Israel, and India "conspired" against his government and imposed the incumbent leaders on the people of Pakistan.

The former prime minister is holding consecutive public shows in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and is once again planning to march toward Islamabad after he called off his protests that led to large-scale violence in the federal capital.

Since his ouster from power, Imran Khan's government has continued with a tirade against the United States for conspiring against his government. Occasionally, he also rakes up the name of India.

"They have conspired to oust us so they can place the American puppets in power. They want to place people who have a connection with the Sharif family,' he said during a public rally in Dir.

Referring to the controversial visit of the Pakistan delegation to Israel, Imran Khan said, "Those people were sent to Israel for the first time which included a government official. They want to impose India-Israel's agenda on us, they want to make us slaves. We will never accept this imported government."

Besides the foreign conspiracy allegation, Imran Khan also attacked the incumbent over the rising fuel prices in the country. "When we were in govt we provided relief despite massive pressure. When there's an increase in petrol prices, other items will also increase," he said.

Taking aim at the country's all-powerful military, Imran Khan asked the "neutrals" why they did not defend the country against the "conspiracy" to oust his government.

He said that fair elections were the "only way out" of the crises Pakistan was facing.

Vowing to wage jihad against the current government, he told his supporters that it was about time to stand up against the "dacoits, thieves and servants of America."

"I will fight till the end," Khan said as he concluded his address.