South American countries Chile and Peru have shown interest in acquiring the BrahMos cruise missile that India has jointly developed with Russia at a budget of $300 million, officials said.

According to diplomatic sources, “The Chilean armed forces are interested in buying the missile. There have been active discussions between the two sides.

There have been several queries from the government of Peru in the last few months and more so when trials of the missile aboard the SU-30 were successful, sources told FE.

“To get a hold of the Latin American market, BrahMos is participating in the FIDAE show taking place in Santiago, Chile, from April 3-8. Lot of interest has been generated in the region after the successful launch of BrahMos from SU-30 aircraft against a sea target, as many countries in the region have opted for the Sukhoi aircraft.”

Officials said the BrahMos Company is now registered with the government of Chile which will help in future sales in case negotiations culminate on a positive note.

There is tremendous opportunity for Indian defence companies to participate in the modernisation of Chilean armed forces. Chiefs of the armed forces from both sides have had meetings on exploiting the potential in shipbuilding, radar systems, submarines and joint training.

“Chile has requirement of shore-based weapon complexes which the BrahMos tested in end-2017 with precision hit target on two consecutive days – one without warhead and the other with warhead,” said the official.

To achieve exports of `35,000 crore in defence goods and services by 2025, the government last week sent out a draft of defence procurement procedures. According to the draft, DPSUs/OFBs will set up export offices in a number of countries with the objective of actively promoting exports.

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