It was recently reported that China has finally developed a fix for its J-20 stealth fighters. Military engineers were able to develop a new engine for the jet fighter which, according to reports, have fixed several problems including the overheating of blades. If all goes according to plan, China should be able to bring the jet fighter to mass production before the end of the year.

According to people with insider knowledge about the highly secretive project, the newly developed engine for the J-20 will make the jet fighter into a world-class combat aircraft. It was first reported by the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post which quoted military insiders.

Based on recent reports, China is currently the only country in the Asian region to have the technological capabilities of building a stealth fighter jet that is equipped with latest groundbreaking technology that allows it to avoid radar detection. Although China has yet to declassify this project, many believe that the Asian superpower is currently developing 20 working models of said aircraft.

Based on statements released by China's Air Force, the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter jet belongs to the fourth generation of medium and long-range fighter jets. The said fighter jet was first commissioned into combat service in February of this year.

One of the most highly talked about the mission of the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter was when it took part in an encirclement drill performed around the island of Taiwan, a self-ruling state which China says must be with reunited back to the mainland.

In recent years, China's aviation development has been plagued by engine problems. It has been a major problem that has hampered the country's aircraft development projects. Nevertheless, recent breakthroughs, especially in the field of avionics, have played a major role in the advancement of China's air force.

In its effort to boost its air force, China has relied on Russian built engines in the past. However, recent developments in engine production have helped the country establish its own supply line and was able to produce its own engines as well.

Powering the new J-20 stealth fighter is the WS-15 engine which was developed and produced entirely in China. The new engine features new cutting-edge single-crystal turbine blades. The engine has been in development for several years already and with the latest advancements in its design, many Chinese engineers are convinced that the engine should be ready to hit mass production before the end of the year.