Sambit Patra questions Rahul Gandhi for meeting with the Chinese ministers in secrecy. He further said that the behaviour of Anand Sharma towards the investigative agencies is a reflection of the 'Congress ideology'

After Rahul Gandhi's big admission of meeting Chinese Ministers while undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in September 2008, BJP held a press brief, where Sambit Patra questioned the Congress president for his untold visit and further denounced Congress leader Anand Sharma for citing CBI and ED to be "governments tool"

Sambit Patra questioned Rahul Gandhi's motives and the reasons for keeping his visits under wraps.

He said, "Rahul Gandhi has himself admitted that he met Chinese Ministers. He's not an ordinary citizen, he is the president of a prominent party. If such a big leader goes abroad to meet their Ministers then why was the Indian embassy kept out of the loop? Why Ministry of External Affairs kept out of the loop?

"We want with whom he met and why didn't he inform. What conversations did he want to have quietly with the Chinese Ministers? What BJP said that came true. We want to ask Congress, why was the protocol not followed? Why was the Chinese embassy not told?. It is a very serious question that India would like to know- why is he repeating the name of China every now and then?" he added.

He further pointed out how the Congress president lied previously when asked about his visit.

He said, "Today Rahul Gandhi has said in Bhubaneswar that he met Chinese ministers during his Mansarover visit. When Rahul Gandhi's Mansarover went for Mansarover yatra .. we had made some claims, we asked him who all are the Ministers with whom Rahul Gandhi would meet. And then Congress had said that its a pilgrim and won't be meeting any Chinese Ministers."

"The same thing happened in Doklam, Rahul ji and his family along with Priyanka Vadra and her husband (Robert) Vadra ji are standing with the envoys of Congress. That's when Congress lied about meeting them, but as soon as the truth came out they had no option," the BJP spokesperson added.