The Pakistan Army is attempting to target forward Indian posts along the Line of Control by pushing ‘human bombs’ inside the Indian territory.

According to recent intelligence reports, “large number of heavily armed terrorists belonging to Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad terror outfits have started gathering inside launching pads close to the line of control with the sole purpose of launching ‘daring’ attacks on the Indian forces”.

According to these reports, “over 200 terrorists are presently camping across these launching pads inside the Pakistani territory and can assist Pakistani army in launching BAT strikes inside the Indian territory”.

These terrorists have been trained by the elite commandos of the Pakistani army in guerrilla warfare.

One such incident reportedly came to light in Lam sector of Nowshera in the frontier district of Rajouri on Friday. According to official sources, “more than half a dozen civilians, dressed in Pathani suit, traditional dress worn by locals in the area, started marching towards the line of control, close to the forward Indian posts”.

It is suspected, “Pakistani army was attempting to divert the attention of the Indian troops by camouflaging ‘human bombs’ in the garb of civilians to target some of the forward Indian posts”. In the recent days, Pakistan army has suffered heavy damages and fatal injuries in strong retaliatory action by the Indian army.

Ground reports claimed, after noticing the movement of civilians in the forward areas, alert troops on the Indian side first exercise restraint but as they came dangerously close to their forward posts they opened fire in gaps to disperse them. Neither the army authorities nor Ministry of Defence spokesman in J&K was available to confirm these reports. Section of media, however, posted tweets but no official statement was issued by the office of Defence Spokesman in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Meanwhile, two incidents of ceasefire violation were reported along the line of control in Poonch on Saturday. 

According to Lt-Col Devender Anand, Ministry of Defence spokesman in Jammu, “Pakistan army initiated ceasefire violation in Krishna Ghati sector around 7.45 a.m by using small arms and mortar shelling”.

He said, Indian army gave them befitting reply. Later, Pakistani army started shelling Shahpur area of Poonch around 5.30 p.m. Till the time of filing the report, Indian army was retaliating strongly and effectively to silence Pakistani guns.