The new complex of DRDO was inaugurated by MoS (Defence) Mr. Shripad Naik at the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) in Pune.

The facility is situated in the ignition complex at the laboratory and is of crucial importance to the DRDO's ignition research that it has been doing for various missiles, and it's pet project, the Kaveri Engine.

Ignition is a highly critical aspect in the ignition chain of rocket motors, and to develop advanced missile systems, the organisation needs to build on the advances made in the past to count for the future.

The collaboration with HEMRL is of superior importance to the DRDO as the lab has previously as well developed composite fuels and oxidisers to compliment the ignition process of rocket motors and advanced missile delivery systems.

The lab has also pioneered research in the usage of organic binders in the production of several ignition technologies to produce reliable ignition points and making sure that the motor delivers rather than failing.

The binder structure used by the lab to produce the oxidisers has been highly relevant from the point of understanding the structural integrity of these organic compounds to support the process involved in advanced delivery mechanisms and how innovatively a better alternative to synthetic additives can be used in such applications.

The inauguration also has come for a crucial time for DRDO as the organisation is struggling to get its project the Kaveri Engine of the ground. The project has had undergone a lot of development but the premier institute in the country hasn't been able to deliver on the promises it made before the start of the project, French aviation giants Dassault have agreed to partner the project in lieu of the offset obligations that have been applied on them for the purchase of the Rafale jets that India have bought directly in flyaway conditions from the French manufacturer.