The '2020 Sikh Referendum' mobile App, offered by a Romania-based web designing solution firm, calls for voter registration for the Referendum-2020 agenda.

The '2020 Sikh Referendum' App was launched just ahead of the inauguration of the Kartarpur Corridor on Saturday

Punjab CM said the aim of the App is to further the ISI's agenda of dividing the Sikh community

Amarinder Singh asserted the need for India to remain on high alert

New Delhi: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday directed his officers to raise the issue of the launching of an anti-India App by Google and asked the IT giant to remove it. 

The '2020 Sikh Referendum' App was launched by the group Sikhs for Justice, just ahead of the inauguration of the Kartarpur Corridor on Saturday.

As per an official statement, Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) Dinkar Gupta is in contact with the central security agencies to manage the threat triggered by the launch of the App.

The 7.54 MB App, offered by Icetech (a Romania-based web designing solution firm), is available for download on Google Play for free.

The App, during the downloading process, seeks access to location, camera, storage contents of SD card, and control over the network connection, network access, and Wi-Fi connection.

The version 3.001 App is built for Android 6.0 version as well as other latest versions.

Speaking about the app, Amarinder Singh said its aim is to further the Inter-Services Intelligence’s sinister agenda of dividing the Sikh community.

While expressing shock at the technology company’s "irresponsible act", Singh said: “How and why Google allowed such an App to be uploaded by a known radical extremist group in the first place is questionable.”

He further demanded that Google should remove the App without further ado.

The Punjab Chief Minister also said the launch of the App raised concern over the security threat to not only the state but also the entire country.

Singh said the timing of the launch of the App hinted at the ISI’s sinister design to capitalise the opportunity created by the Kartarpur Corridor to divide the Indian Sikh community.