'Muslims labelled as Pakistani, Sikhs as Khalistanis, and activists as Urban Naxals: Mehbooba Mufti attacks Modi govt. She alleged that the media had become biased, adding that it has become the lapdog of the government

While addressing a press conference on Sunday, People's Democratic Party (PDP) president alleged that the government is not allowing 'secular voices' to come up.

She said Pakistan is a Muslim country and that’s the reason why India is not talking to them. 

“When they can talk with China despite them grabbing our land in Ladakh, there should also be a dialogue between India and Pakistan or Is it that Pakistan is a Muslim country that is why they don't talk to them.“

"They call Muslims as Pakistani, Sardars as Khalistani, And activists as urban Naxals, then my question is who are Hindustanis, Only BJP?" She added.

Mehbooba further said, “I am saddened by the statement from Election Commission after my detention. The day we announced participation in DDC election the harassment of our members increased from the administration."

Mufti further expressing her anger towards the election commission, saying that their party was targeted by the institutions like ED, adding that their candidate did not have the required security. 

"Disappointingly all our institutions are working for them, whom we can't complain to anymore. The opposition in the whole country has been oppressed as when they criticise, they get targeted by all institutions like ED etc," Mufti said.

Targeting government action towards Roshni Scam she said, “ What is Roshni? It was actually a scheme and it was made out to be a scam...The biggest scam is their electoral scam. They are sending notices to poor people having only 5 Marla's under Roshni.

She alleged that the media had become biased, adding that it has become the lapdog of the government.

"UAPA became frequent for anyone who they wanted to book without any proof,” she said.

She asked the Indian government that if the abrogation of article 370 was the solution, then why are the security forces still in Kashmir. "If all problems ended after the abrogation of 370 why is the army sent to borders? Mehbooba asked.

“ Until and unless they aren't restoring article 370, they will not get success by pressurising people by different means,” she said.

“DDC election voter turnout is not solution of Kashmir issue/situation on ground. What are 9 lakh troops doing here," she added.