Armoured vehicles of China's PLA being deployed on an exercise in the Tibet nation

Swamy demanded India evict Chinese forces from Ladakh "without seeking foreign help"

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has been warning of the dangers of the Chinese troop build-up in Ladakh for several months.

Swamy has been critical of the Narendra Modi government's lack of transparency on the Chinese transgressions. Last month, in a tweet, Swami implied Prime Minister Modi has shown "shyness" in naming China as the aggressor.

On Monday, Swamy adopted an alarmist tone, warning India's diffident approach in Ladakh meant China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) would enter Arunachal Pradesh in "March-April 2021".

Swamy tweeted, "For how long shall we hold to the view that ‘koi aaya nahi aur koi gaya nahin’?. In March-April 2021, PLA will enter Arunachal too. Now is the time for the moment of truth."

China has never recognised Indian sovereignty over Arunachal Pradesh and continues to refer to the state as "South Tibet".

Swamy shared an article from The Hindu from Sunday that quoted a councillor from Ladakh as warning Chinese military structures across the Line of Actual Control could be "clearly seen" from border villages.

Konchok Stanzin, the councillor for Chushul, told The Hindu, "residents have witnessed a large number of Chinese tents, bunkers and vehicles very close to the border villages in Chushul, Merak and Khakted, in clear departure from the past."

Stanzin's claims are expected to fuel doubt about the progress in disengagement talks between India and China that have been happening since June last year.

In another tweet, Swamy appeared to take a jibe at Modi, who he has accused repeatedly of ignoring his advice. Swamy demanded India evict Chinese forces from Ladakh "without seeking foreign help". Swamy tweeted, "We must wipe out by action that the 1962 defeat was Nehru’s defeat not Bharat Mata’s. This must be done without clutching at straws. That means to evict the Chinese troops from Ladakh without seeking foreign help. How? I can take a horse to water but I cannot make it drink."

In September, Swamy warned India’s willingness to pursue talks with China over the Ladakh standoff was being seen as a sign of weakness by Beijing. Swamy tweeted, “Now that China has got RM Rajnath to talk and EAM Jaishankar eager to talk, the PLA will start operations in Arunachal to show the world that we are on beck and call even if they sit on our head. Same as what German Chancellor Hitler did to British PM Chamberlain and destroyed him.”