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by Saurabh Dubey

As far as dangerous experiments go, this Frankenstein outranks all its ominous predecessors. A hundred years in the making and its relatively unfettered attempts at unmaking and also usurping the world order has gone in overdrive. 2020 was a threshold of almost perpetual patience which was breached by the nefarious actions of the Chinese Communist Party.

Litany of lies will never suffice to shield the CCP’s criminal culpability in opening this pandemic’s Pandora’s Box and unleashing it on the world. Coronavirus outbreak is clearly CCP’s Chernobyl movement and its finding comical ways to run away from it by planting unimaginative fictional stories in its equally unimaginative mouthpiece ‘Global Times’. How ironic the similarity in the abbreviations of names of the former authoritarian Soviet regime/USSR i.e., CCCP in Cyrillic alphabet and the existing one in China i.e., CCP. Hope the latter shares the former’s fate too. Perhaps, Covid-19 was the fast detour that they have taken that will lead to that self-fulfilling prophecy. Talking of such prophecies of doom, how can we forget Pakistan, the moth eaten not so better half of the ‘Iron Bros Inc.’ How’s the CPEC noose around your neck working out for you?! Even today they are chanting the mantra of an Indian ‘false flag’ operation, naively not realizing that their whole country’s creation was a geo-political false flag! Moving on to more important issues. To repeat or share the examples of the CCP’s recent barrage of propaganda to play down the robustness of India’s reply at the LAC and also the churlish stories to smear the globally appreciated Vaccine Maitri will be unwise.

India and China with a combined population of over 2.7 billion people, you might as well call it as another planet, the world could have revolved around us! But it wasn’t to be. Two civilizational states divided by political ideology, one dawdling on a democratic path and the other racing onto an autocratic/hegemonic path. Often in a race to outwit and outmuscle others, accidents happen with the one who is in the driver’s seat, causing collateral damage along with it of course. CCP’s thinking is based on an exclusivist thought, that one mountain can’t have two tigers, with that insular thinking, they are unwilling to change their attitude towards India. India will have to completely overhaul her thinking towards them as well (the thoughts on which you and I could write a lot about).

Let’s focus on the disease as the symptoms are amply clear. This July the CCP will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. Founded on 23rd July 1921 it surely has come a long way in 2021. Adolf Hitler must be watching from Hell and smiling. All his barbaric and hegemonic ideals have been fully assimilated and may I add mutated into this monster who dreams of controlling the destinies of other nations. With dams and debts, with unrestricted warfare, with genocides, with salami slicing and island building, all of it which mind you has been grossly unchecked, timidly challenged and at times even mollycoddled, has led to the rise of this belligerent behemoth. Did I forget organ harvesting of dissidents? Simply put, CCP is Nazism on steroids.

To make this anniversary more memorable, the CCP could tempt fate and attempt initiating a conflict either in the Himalayas or on the high seas or much closer to its coast (especially, the Taiwan Strait). At the LAC, it will tread with caution because India has bulked up at the border, also the bare-handed bludgeoning they received last year for their Galwan perfidy must still be fresh on their brainwashed minds. CCP always opts for stealth and surprise to attack its adversaries and that option has been buried in the snows of eastern Ladakh. But, the ‘Emperor’ is facing many challenges within China’s borders as well and a panicked dictator in his sheer frustration to divert attention can opt for summer skirmishes at the LAC. And if not that, then at the most it can and probably will try and outsource the responsibility of the next misadventure to its minion on India’s western border. We await them with open arms. Next option for CCP, Taiwan. If they truly want to test Biden, then what better way to probe his resolve and make a bold attempt to take over Taiwan by force. Maybe none of the above happens as anticipated. Just like nobody anticipated the deadly gift from Wuhan last year the effects of which still persist.

Saurabh Dubey tracks military and aerospace issues closely. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN