Kalyani Group recently tested its indigenous CIWS weapon system as per a media report.

Key Features of KALYANI close-in weapon system (CIWS).

The gun is a land mobile variant of BAE's 40 MK-4 Naval Gun.

• 6-mode programmable all-target ammunition
• Short firing sequences: 300 rpm
• Superb accuracy
• 100 rounds ready to fire with the possibility to shift between different types of ammo

The Kalyani Group has invested sizeable resources to develop a wide range of products and technological capabilities to manufacture various critical items of defence systems, equipment and components. This move is part of a new strategy to help and contribute towards indigenization efforts of the Indian Defence sector, reduce the country’s dependence on imports and save precious foreign exchange through large scale indigenization. Chairman of the group Baba N. Kalyani said with a host of artillery products his company wants to become a globally known artillery house. “But for that we would need to the accepted in India as only then will other countries accept us.

“Kalyani Group is determined to scale up its contribution to the armed forces and play a vital role in India’s defence sector by providing a range of technology-intensive state of the art weapon systems.” Baba N Kalyani, Chairman of Kalyani Group stated. “We are encouraged by Government of India’s clear intent to ramp up domestic defence capabilities and as a Group, our focus would be to become a major player in the land systems segment.”, he further added.

Kalyani Group and BAE Systems as per a partnership in Apr 2018 had agreed to partner for "transfer of technology" for developing the Air Defence Guns and Ammunition. BAE Systems' advanced technology will be complemented with Bharat Forge Ltd.'s world-class design, development and manufacturing capabilities.

Kalyani group also recently forged a joint venture with Elbit Systems of Israel for advanced technology manufacturing of modern gun systems & Mine protected vehicles in India. With our partner we are competing in number of important artillery programs and are hopeful of bringing the best to the armed forces. JV will undertake major manufacturing within the country.