The CADS-500 system was para-dropped from an altitude of 5,000 metres

The Defence Research and Development Organisation’s R&D lab conducted a flight demonstration of Controlled Aerial Delivery System of 500 kg capacity (CADS-500) on Saturday, the Ministry of Defence said.

The system, developed by Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment (ADRDE) in Agra, was para-dropped from an AN32 aircraft and then steered to the predesignated landing point in autonomous mode. Eleven paratroopers of the Indian Army and Indian Air Force chased the CADS-500 in the air and landed simultaneously at the drop zone in Malpura from an altitude of 5,000 metres.

The CADS-500 is used for precise delivery of payload up to 500 kgs at a predetermined location by making use of manoeuvrable capabilities of the Ram Air Parachute (RAP).