Moscow: Russian Special Presidential aide for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov has said that the Taliban will risk losing power in Afghanistan if they do not fulfil their obligations regarding the formation of an inclusive government.

Since the Taliban took over Kabul in August, the outfit has failed to keep up its promise of an inclusive government. Besides the issues of all-inclusive government, the US and other western allies refused the question of diplomatic recognition unless it sees importance on the human rights front.

"Ethnic political inclusiveness is needed. They might lose power in the near future if they keep acting like that. They will have to ensure inclusiveness. By the way, we say this without ultimatums, calmly - just do it. They will have to do it," Kabulov told Russian news agency Sputnik on Friday.

Kabulov added that if the outfit begins to make concessions, their assets will be unfrozen, which will make it easier to govern the country.

He noted that Afghan assets frozen in Western nations are not the funds of the Taliban, but the resources of the Afghan people. The Russian diplomat also laid responsibility for the economic and humanitarian situation in the country squarely at the feet of the Western nations.

Western countries led by the US should bear full financial responsibility for the situation in Afghanistan, and Moscow's priority in this matter is humanitarian aid, he was said.

"We can, of course, if (Russian) President (Vladimir Putin) decides. But you understand, have we got some extra money? Let us be careful with this. Our priority is the provision of humanitarian aid, food supplies, the provision of specific products and other essentials. Things due to what the Afghan people can survive this winter," Kabulov said when asked to comment on Moscow's possibility to provide a loan to Afghanistan.

The diplomat also informed that Russia will send another batch of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan on December 18. The first batch was delivered in November, the second one in early December. The aid will include food, flour and medicine, he added.