Kanpur: Bullet Resistance Jacket (Bhabha Kavach) developed by TCL and MIDHANI was handed over to Assam Police in conference hall of Ordnance Equipment Factory (OEF) Kanpur, on Tuesday.

Assam Police had given order for 164 pieces of Bullet Resistance Jackets to OEF Kanpur. Bullet Resistance Jackets can meet the threat level of BIS Level-V and NIJ Level III+ with 360 degree protection for front, back and sides. Additionally it also provides protection of throat, shoulders and Groin from 9*19 mm ammunition.

This will enable Armed forces to operate safely and carry out their operational roles in counter insurgency environment. These bullet proof jackets use two panel namely Hard Armour Panel and soft Armour Panel. It is provided with two magazine pockets and two grenade pockets.

The jacket is adjustable at the shoulders, waist and groin. Serviceability of Bullet Resistance Jackets is minimum 5 years and it can be stored at normal room temperature. Total weight of Bullet Resistance Jackets is between 9.3 to 9.6 kg.