HEMRL has designed and developed bursting and burning type of 81 mm Anti Thermal – Anti Laser smoke grenade for Indian Army. The grenade is fired from 81 mm calibre launcher (SGD) mounted on AFV. On initiation of grenade smoke screen is instantaneously generated to defeat Thermal Imaging (TI) Sights and Laser equipment of enemy Tanks. The smoke screen obscures in visual and IR regions of electromagnetic spectrum (0.4 to 14µm) for more than 20 seconds.

The Indian Army’s battle tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (BMPs) will soon be equipped with advanced 81mm smoke grenades to ‘confuse’ the enemy forces on the battlefield.

The grenade emits a thick layer of smoke to obscure the enemy’s tank for at least for 40 seconds — sufficient time to get into a strategic position to counter adversaries.

It has been developed by High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The army has carried out extensive testing to verify its efficacy in different terrains and temperatures. It has been tested at temperatures of over 45 degrees Celsius in deserts and -15 degrees Celsius in northern border areas.

The grenade had met all operational requirements of the army during various trials.

The technology of the grenade has been transferred to the Ordnance Factory Dehu Road and a private company in Nagpur for mass manufacturing of the product, added the scientist.

The existing grenades have limitations. The enemies’ tanks and BMPs equipped with anti-thermal and anti-laser systems can now spot the Indian tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles easily. The newly-developed grenades have defeated the anti-thermal and anti-laser systems. This is a big advantage for the force for operational purposes, said a DRDO statement

The factory and the private firm had delivered the first consignment of grenades, which were extensively tested by the army. The army is said to be very satisfied with the results. Now, the grenades will be manufactured in larger quantities.

The Indian Army has main battle tanks- Arjun, T-90s Bhishma and T- 72 Ajeya and the mechanised infantry has BMP-II (Sarath).