The youth said that he was in touch with two women ISI agents through FB. Police think that same person may have made two FB accounts. The woman ISI agent honey-trapped the youth into spying for them

A 22-year-old youth from Sonipat who was arrested on spying charges has revealed that he was in touch with two women ISI spies. He had met them on Facebook.

"This is a case of honey-trapping as the women lured him with sex chat and later asked him to supply sensitive information about Indian defence forces. We are investigating the case and are trying to find out more leads from his statements," said Pankaj Nain Superintendent of Police.

The arrested youth, named Gaurav Sharma, is a son of a retired army havaldar. He told police that he was in touch with the ISI spies for the last one-and-a-half years. He said that he was in touch with Amita Ahluwalia and Sonu Kaur who are suspected to be ISI spies.

However, police believe that Amita Ahluwalia and Sonu Kaur are the same person. Police suspect that the person used different Facebook IDs to honey-trap Gaurav Sharma.

After his arrest, Sharma told police that he spied on 18 recruitment drives of the Indian Army. He also told police that he was able to live-stream four of these drives on Facebook.

He told police that he was promised Rs 10 lakh for spying, but claimed he hasn't received any money.

Investigation by India Today revealed that Amita Ahluwalia posed as an admirer of Gaurav Sharma online and commented on his photos before befriending him.

Sources say she unfriended Gourav immediately after he was arrested. Though the police are silent on the whereabouts of the woman, her Facebook profile says that she is from Delhi and was educated in Chandigarh.

Ahluwalia's Facebook friend-list includes a lieutenant-general, three colonels, three majors, a captain, a commander, a sergeant, an NDA trainee, and a jail superintendent in Jammu and Kashmir.

These officers are posted in various states like Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, New Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh.

The list also includes politicians, businessmen, teachers, and a Haryana government officer. The names haven't been revealed as an investigation is under way.

It isn't clear whether the ISI agent was able to honey-trap each one of her online acquaintances, but she obtained sensitive information from Gaurav Sharma, who she convinced to spy for her.