Kohima: Security Forces apprehended three ULFA (I) cadres identified as Cpl Bubul Moran alias Tiger Asom, L/Cpl Binondo Dahotia alias Swadesh Asom and Pvt Chandrakant Borhohain alias Tipong Asom along with sophisticated arms and ammunition in Tarani Reserve Forest of Tinsukia District on May 14.

Based on reliable intelligence reports on cadres of ULFA (I) crossing over the Indo Myanmar border for carrying out nefarious activities in Upper Assam, a joint operation was launched by Indian Army and Police.

In a press release, Col C Konwer, PRO (Defence) stated “extensive and deliberate efforts” were made to convince the cadres to give up their arms and surrender, where the cadres finally surrendered without a fight.

One each of AK 56, AK-81, and HK rifles were recovered from them. Two hand grenades, nine magazines and 425 rounds of ammunition were also recovered. This operation is part of the ongoing crackdown by security forces on the insurgent organisations active in Upper Assam.

In another incident, Security Forces apprehended Cpl Podum Asom, an active ULFA (I) insurgent at Disangmukh, Sivasagar district on May 13.

The release added he had also served as a personal security guard of senior ULFA (I) leaders in Taga camp in Myanmar from 2013 to 2016. Information regarding presence of the insurgent was received from the local population.

Apprehension and surrender of a large number of insurgents to the security forces has given a “severe blow to the misplaced ideology of ULFA (I) and its sympathisers.”

There are reports that due to the misleading dogma of ULFA (I) and harsh conditions in camps, more insurgents are likely to give up their association with the proscribed outfit.

“It is becoming difficult for the ULFA (I) to persuade cadres to fight for a pseudo cause in extreme conditions and risking their lives, while the leadership and their families are enjoying luxurious lives, the release added.

It said that the leaders of the “proscribed insurgent group safely ensconced at comfortable locations” outside India have been luring innocent youth from upper Assam into their organisation.

The over ground workers have been recruiting them by making false promises of money and better life. For most of them, it’s a one way ticket as they are never allowed to return to the safety of their homes. “Now realising the futility of joining ULFA (I),” the release added the “insurgents are abandoning the false cause and are joining the mainstream.”