The official Twitter handle of All India Mahila Congress (AIMC) tweeted a distorted a map of India. The map didn't have Jammu and Kashmir region in it. The Twitter handle has now deleted the tweet.

AIMC's tweet was in relation to Uttar Pradesh police and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The post is about the CAA protests which has rocked the state and there have been reports of deaths due to police gunshots. The post reads, "Stop Yogi Adityanath."

However, due to the distorted map, Twitter lashed out at the AIMC. Finally, they had to delete the tweet.

'Cong has already given Kashmir to Pakistan': Party's Twitter handle slammed for sharing distorted map of India

Twitter Screengrab

A Twitter user wrote, "It’s insane that the Congress would put out a map of India that doesn’t include Kashmir. Did someone from Pakistan make this and send it to you, @INCIndia?'' While another user wrote, "Congress has already given Kashmir to Pakistan in their map."

Here is how Twitter reacted:

Last but not the least: