Veer-class corvette INS Pralaya 

Veer-class corvette INS Pralaya K91 displays at Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday. The next bilateral naval between India and UAE exercise is being planned for this year. Besides, Indian Navy’s ships have been making regular port calls at UAE for promoting maritime cooperation

INS Pralaya was commissioned in the Indian Navy on 18 December, 2002. The 56 m long ship, displacing about 477 T is capable of speeds in excess of 36 knots and is fitted with an impressive array of weapons and sensors. They form the 22nd Killer Missile Vessel Squadron.

INS Pralaya is powered by Combined gas turbine and gas turbine (COGAG) propulsion system including two Nikoyaev Type DR77 Gas Turbine and two Nikolayev Type DR76 Gas Turbines. She can reach a top speed of 30 knots (56 km/h).

The corvette is armed with eight Uran surface-to-surface missile, four Strela-3M SAM, 76/62 OTO-Melara Compact SR and 30/54 AK-630M which is a Soviet and Russian fully automatic naval close-in weapon system based on a six-barrelled 30 mm rotary cannon. In "630", "6" means 6 barrels and "30" means 30 mm. It is mounted in an enclosed automatic turret and directed by MR-123 radar and television detection and tracking. The system's primary purpose is defence against anti-ship missiles and other precision guided weapons. However it can also be employed against fixed or rotary wing aircraft, ships and other small craft, coastal targets, and floating mines. Once operational, this weapon system was rapidly adopted, with up to 8 units installed in every new Soviet warship (from mine-hunters to aircraft carriers), and hundreds produced in total.

Eight vessels of this class inherit their names from the 25th Killer missile boat squadron, which attacked and sank two destroyers, a minesweeper and various other support vessels off Karachi during Operation Trident and Operation Python of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

The last two vessels of this class were built as the upgraded Tarantul V with 16 SS-N-25 'Switchblade' / URAN E Missiles, 1 OTO Melara 76 mm instead of the AK-176, and MR 352 Positiv-E (NATO: Cross Dome) Radar.