In a unique gesture Indian Army has renovated the grave of Maqbool Sherwani, popularly known as 'lion of Baramulla'. At the time of tribal invasion Maqbool Sherwani had single handedly changed the course of history by timely misguiding the army of tribal raiders from Pakistan and delayed their advance towards strategically important Srinagar city. He died a martyr’s death on 7 November 1947 but not before inspiring the Kashmiris to rise up against the raiders.

According to a Defence PRO in Srinagar, "the renovation work on the grave of Maqbool Sherwani located in old town, Baramulla commenced in the month of April 2021 and now stands completed."

On Thursday Indian Army organized remembrance prayers in his memory and floral tributes were paid to him.

Defence PRO said, "the deeds by this valiant warrior will be remembered and revered by generations to come".

Two weeks after his death, Mahatma Gandhi also paid tribute to him in a prayer meeting in Delhi to honour the supreme sacrifice made by the brave heart. The Indian Army paid tribute to the martyr and the 2nd Battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry was formally christened as “SHERWANI PALTAN”.

According to Defence PRO, "Maqbool Sherwani had delayed the march of raiders from Pakistan towards Srinagar on Uri-Muzaffarabad highway". He successfully misguided the raiders on to the wrong path when he was asked to guide them towards Srinagar airport. "Maqbool Sherwani and his volunteers, comprising various communities with no military training, set up roadblocks and demolished bridges, thus protecting the fastest access to Srinagar", the Defence PRO said. Subsequently raiders realized that their march towards Srinagar Airport had been delayed deliberately by Maqbool Sherwani. The brave warrior was caught by raiders and his body was mutilated and crucified before firing 14 bullets on it. The body was nailed to a plank and tied till the Indian Army got it down.