PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday drew comparison from the Taliban and warned the Centre to take lesson on how the militant group could throw out powerful America from Afghanistan and urged the Modi government to hold dialogue with Kashmiris and restore special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

She used the ant-elephant analogy to describe how Taliban ousted NATO and other foreign powers. She also told people to nurse the wound that was inflicted by scrapping of article 370 and use this to fight peacefully.

Earlier, this week Mufti said the institutions that were meant for protecting rights of the people and upholding the Constitution of the country have been “Talibanised".

She was answering reporters" queries after her mother, Gulshan Nazir, was questioned for nearly three hours by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with a money laundering case.

“Unfortunately, the institutions which were supposed to protect our rights and uphold the spirit and Constitution of India have been Talibanised," Mufti told reporters here.

The former chief minister alleged that even the media has been Talibanised.

“The majority of the mainstream media is peddling BJP"s narrative, they are not talking about how agencies are being misused and the Constitution is being played with," she added.

Asked about the line of questioning by the ED, the PDP president asked, “Do you understand the chronology?"

“I refused to meet the delimitation commission, the next day we got the summon. I held a peaceful protest on August 5, the next day we got a summon," she claimed.

Mufti said agencies like the NIA and the ED were made to do serious work.

“But unfortunately these agencies are being weaponised and used against politicians, activists and media personnel and students — be it Sudha Bhardwaj or Disha Ravi or Umar Khalid or any politician.