The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence has strongly recommended that the Indian Navy should have three aircraft carriers and suggested that the future acquisition plans should consider the requirement for enhancing combat capabilities.

In its report submitted in the Parliament, the committee is of the opinion that a carrier each is needed for the two coasts whereas the third ship will be required to cover for the operational deficiencies given that the repair works on the large warships is a lengthy process.

“Taking into account the long coastline and hostile adversities on both sides of the Indian peninsula, an aircraft carrier on both sides of the coast is quintessential to uphold operational requirements,” the committee recommended in the report, reports ET.

It added, “However, repair work of a huge vessel such as an aircraft carrier takes a considerably long time. Therefore, to bridge operational deficiencies thus arising, three aircraft carriers are an unavoidable requirement to meet any eventualities.”

"The Committee reiterate their view that having three Aircraft Carriers will considerably enhance combat capabilities of the Navy," the report said.