New Delhi: Amid the dense fog and cold waves, the personnel of Border Security Force (BSF) have been patrolling undeterred at the unfenced Border Out Posts (BOP) at Gunarmath across which lies Bangladesh.

"Currently, the work of fencing is due here at BOP Gunarmath. People take advantage of the dense fog and try to infiltrate. A river stream serves as a border here but people swim and cross the river to enter Indian territory. This happens mostly during the nighttime," ASI Sawlara told ANI.

Surendra Singh, 158 battalion second-in-command BSF alleged that the state police is not cooperative.

"Even when we catch local criminals, it takes a lot of time to process it. The investigation is poor. Due to which many criminals are left out," Singh said.

"The fencing work has not started anywhere in this area. In 2018 in some areas were fenced but after that no fencing work has started yet," he added.

If the fencing work is expedited, it will help the BSF troops to carry out security operations, he said.

"At places where there is no fencing, that area has insufficient space and the BSF cannot construct any base," Singh said.

He further said that notorious people, then find out that BSF personnel is not around, they construct makeshift boats with thermacol and use it to cross the river.