China's Aviation Industries Corporation of China (AVIC) Chinese L-15 light fighter-trainer

Expecting a slew of procurements for light fighter-trainers in the Asia-Pacific region, China exhibited multiple fighter-trainer models at the Singapore Air Show including the JF-17, L-15, FTC-2000G and K-8 trainer.

The stall of Aviation Industries Corporation of China (AVIC) at the ongoing Singapore Air Show exhibited the light fighter-trainer models with an eye on upcoming procurement in Malaysia which has issued a tender for light fighter -trainers in which the Chinese L-15 light fighter-trainer is participating.

Other potential customers include Vietnam, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and Myanmar. Light fighter trainers have emerged as aircraft of choice for countries that do not face threats from well-armed adversaries. For nations facing insurgents and terrorists, light fighter jets that can also be used as trainers, have emerged as cost-effective options.

The AVIC indoor booth, which covers an area of 210 square meters, comprehensively displays high-technical and market-targeting products including fighter jets, trainers, helicopters, UAVs, and regional aircraft.

The fighter jet trainer exhibition area also displays other equipment such as JF-17B Thunder two-seat fighter jet trainer, JF-17 Thunder fighter jet, L-15 fighter jet trainer, FTC-2000G fighter jet trainer and K-8 trainer. The helicopter exhibition area mainly displays Z-10ME, Z-19E and Z-9WE. The UAV exhibition area mainly displays the Wing Loong-1 UAV and the Wing Loong-2 UAV. And the civil aircraft exhibition area displays MA-700, the latest generation of high-speed turboprop regional aircraft series.