Army Forces including the Indian Army & IAF conducted joint exercise in Mahajan Field Firing Range of Rajasthan's Bikaner. Watch special coverage here

With an aim to ensure no compromise is made to the nation's protection capacity, soldiers in the Indian Army are practising 'synchronised training exercise' in the Mahajan field firing range of Rajasthan's Bikaner. On-ground coverage done by Republic Media Network helped in understanding how ground forces and air force weapons came together in this training exercise to prepare the Security Forces to face every challenge that arises from the enemy. Recently, the Defence Ministry had procured 1000 engines of 1000 BHP for fitment in T-72 tanks of the Army worth Rs 2,300 crore under the “Buy & Make” category.

Speaking on the ongoing exercise, Capt Aman Virdi explained the significance.

"The current training along with T-72 tanks is going on to strengthen combat capabilities. Suppose if we are moving in enemy minefield and we are not able to judge how they are going to process, so during such emergency times, the plough will come down and we will be able to create a crossing in it," added Captain Virdi.

The Captain informed that the extension added to the tank is the modification done to ensure Indian Forces are deployed with the most updated technology. "The tank can fire 3 types of round maximum range in 5000 mt starting from up to 2000 mt air targets, and it is used during ground attacks and currently we are training in the desert area," added the Army official.

BMP-2- For firing, Protection And Mobility

While talking to Major Sanjay Gehelyan who was engaged in training with BMP-2 fighting vehicle, Republic TV learned that it is for the Indian Army's Mobility, Firepower, protection and night vision.

"It is an Infantry Combat Vehicle - potent weapon platform for the troops of mechanise infantry which provides them fire power, protection and mobility during active oppressions. For fire power it has got 30 mm canon gun which can fire up to 4 km in day and night. It has missile launcher which can destroy any enemy target. A total of 10 soldiers can operate it at a time," mentioned Major Sanjay Gehelyan.

Explaining the vehicle's speciality, the Major also added that it can work in high-altitude and desserts. 'It is a technology up to date with other armies of the world,' concluded Major Gehelyan.

Rudra Aircraft- Sapta Shakti Command Training

Lastly, providing details on the Air Force training which also participated with ground fighters, Lieutenant colonel Rishi Dixit added that an annual field firing of Sapta Shakti commands was present at the synchronised training. According to the Lieutenant colonel, the training goes on all year round for the perfection of the Army Jawans.