The 3rd edition of the Vietnam-India Bilateral Army Exercise is scheduled to be conducted at Chand Mandir from August 1 to 20. The exercise is a sequel to previously conducted bilateral exercise in Vietnam in 2019. The 3rd edition of Vietnam-India Bilateral Army Exercise “Ex VINBAX 2022” is scheduled to be conducted at Chandi Mandir from August 1 to 20

The exercise is a sequel to a previously conducted bilateral exercise in Vietnam in 2019 and a major milestone in strengthening the bilateral relations between India and Vietnam. Both countries share a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and defence cooperation is a key pillar of this partnership. Vietnam is an important partner in India’s Act East policy and the Indo-Pacific vision.

The theme of Ex VINBAX 2022 is the employment and deployment of an engineering company and a medical team as part of the United Nations Contingent for Peace Keeping Operations. India has a rich legacy of deployment of troops on United Nations (UN) missions and has some of the best capacities to impart United Nations peace operations training incorporating best practices and hands-on training to prospective United Nations peacekeepers at tactical, operational and strategic levels.

The exercise will be conducted as a field training exercise with enhanced scope from previous editions of bilateral exercise will strengthen mutual confidence, and inter-operability and enable sharing of best practices between the Indian Army and the Vietnam People's Army.

The joint exercise will also provide an opportunity for the troops of both contingents to learn about each other’s social and cultural heritage. The Indian Army will be represented by troops from the 105 Engineer Regiment.

A 48-hour Validation Exercise is part of the schedule to assess the standards achieved by both contingents while executing technical military operations under similar scenarios in UN missions.

In addition to this, a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief demonstration and equipment display will showcase India’s capacity to undertake rescue and relief operations during natural and manmade disasters utilising indigenous solutions.