China is secretly engaged in increasing the stock of long- and short-range conventional missiles. According to a report by US experts, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is now equipped with short-range missiles that can be fired from land and sea. These pose a serious threat to the US military presence in the Indian Ocean. China has already prepared its rocket army. According to this report, due to the ongoing military standoff in eastern Ladakh, the threat to India has also increased due to new Chinese military preparations.

2000 Deployed In The Indo-Pacific

According to the report released by the US Department of Defence, China has deployed about 2000 missiles for the Indo-Pacific region. The maximum range of four such cruise missiles is up to 1800 km. American experts say that these short-range missiles hit the target much more accurately. China also currently has the most powerful cruise missiles.

New Missile Steering System

This report says, China has designed a new missile operation system for the operation of conventional and nuclear missiles. Such a new system had not even been thought of till now.

Kill Up To 15,000 km

According to the US CSIS Missile Defence Project, China has the most active and newest missile development program. It also has intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range of 7,000 to 15,000 km. It is clear that now the American mainland is also under its target. It is engaged in further modernizing its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Along with vehicle-launched missiles, they are also engaged in making hypersonic and boost glide vehicles.

The Chinese Navy is engaged in deploying nuclear ballistic missiles in its fleet of submarines. This will enable it to launch ballistic missiles from under the sea.