Imran Khan once again talked about India in his address on Saturday

Imran Khan said he was never anti-US and he had a very good relationship with former US president Donald Trump.

Pakistan's former prime minister Imran Khan on Saturday again mentioned India as he virtually addressed the overseas Pakistanis. On several earlier occasions, Imran Khan had mentioned India, and many of them were of praise for India's independent foreign policy. As he addressed overseas Pakistanis on his defeat in the no-confidence motion, Imran Khan said his government wanted good ties with China and Russia.

"America is not habituated with an independent government in Pakistan, not an anti-US government, but an independent government. I was never anti-US. No one is against any country. I had a very good relationship with Donald Trump," Imran Khan said.

Talking about how Pakistan suffered the most because of the US's 'war on terror', Imran Khan said, "Pakistan had no link with 9/11. But Pakistan became a slave to the US. Their demands kept on increasing."

"We wanted good ties with China and Russia. China is our neighbouring country. And then the invitation from Russia came. We always had a strained relationship with Russia because Pakistan sided with the US against Russia in Cold War. Russia was offering oil at a 30% discounted price. India negotiated with Russia and is buying cheap oil when India has a strategic alliance with the United States. But the US got angry with us," Imran Khan said adding that the US also blamed Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan.