New Delhi: In a bid to bring in uniformity in uniforms put on by its personnel, Indian Navy's Southern Naval Command has asked its men to put on colour-coded masks to match with their uniforms.

As per the instructions issued to the personnel in the Kochi-based command, personnel have been asked to put on white masks with white uniforms and black or navy blue masks with other ceremonial uniform, Navy officials told ANI.

The Defence Security Corps and fire services personnel wearing khaki uniform have been asked to put on Khaki masks while on duty, they said.

Officials said that fines have also been defined where a person not wearing a mask would be charged Rs 200. While for the second time, they would be charged Rs 2,000.
On the need for wearing the colour-coded masks, officials said this was required as personnel were wearing masks of different colours which was not going well with uniforms.

A number of these cotton masks have been prepared by the Navy Wives Welfare Association while others are providing it at a very low cost, the officials said.

Sources said the cotton masks have been mandated in Kochi due to the excessive heat in Kerala as synthetic cloth masks would be causing some discomfort to personnel.