Baluchistan Freedom Fighters killed 14 Pakistan Army personnel on Friday 26-July 2019. In another attack by unidentified gunmen on a Pakistan Army post, several more Pakistan Army soldiers were killed and many injured. In the Meanwhile, the strikes by Engineers, Students, Pharmacists, Medical students and others continue with no hope of resolution.

Baluchistan Liberation Front spokesman Maj. Graham Baloch claimed responsibility for the deaths of 14 military personnel in Tajbahan and Jhao on Friday. Baluchistan Freedom Fighters killed a policeman with a sniper rifle at a military checkpoint in Tajbahan Marzeen, Kech District.

After the sniper attack, the occupying Pakistan army tried to track down the Baluchistan freedom fighters. But as soon as the occupiers (Pakistan Army) entered mountainous terrain, they had to abandon their trucks as the trucks could not enter the mountainous terrain. Pakistan Army entered the mountains on foot.

However, Baloch Freedom fighters had already laid an ambush in the hills. In the ambush attack, Baloch Freedom Fighters killed all the 10 Pakistan Army personnel who had entered the hills.

Major Graham Baloch added that the Baluchistan Freedom Fighters Killed 3 more Pakistan Army men in a patrol convoy. Freedom Fighters attacked another Pakistani army patrol convoy with heavy weapons at around 8 pm in Korak area of ​​Awaran district on Friday, killing three of the Pakistan Army and injuring several others.

He said that attacks on Pakistani forces would continue till the liberation of occupied Baluchistan nation.