MOSCOW: New Delhi has not sent Moscow any inquiries considering equipment of India's Russian-made Su-30MKI fighter jets with missiles made in other countries, the deputy director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), Vladimir Drozhzhov, told reporters.

In February, media reported about India plans to equip its Su-30MKI fighters with UK-made ASRAAM missile systems and Israeli-made Spice-2000 bombs.

"If the Indian partners want to install [on Su-30MKI fighters] the missiles that were never used with this aircraft before, of course, we would like to discuss this issue. The license agreement does not envisage an opportunity to equip third countries' products on this aircraft.

We have not received such official requests from India. When there is an official request, we will be ready to discuss technical aspects of the issue," Drozhzhov said.

According to the official, any work related to repair or modernisation of weapons and military equipment should always be carried out after consultations with the manufacturer.

"This is a global practice. Any country of origin does not want foreign companies to engage third countries in any work on its equipment. First of all, it is an issue of safe exploitation of the equipment. Any kind of weapons is always a system," the FSMTC deputy head said.

Drozhzhov added that Russia had other types of missiles that India's Su-30MKI fighters could be equipped with.

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