A section of Pakistan media released a video of a road accident involving a convoy of BSF personnel as an act of retaliation by the Pak army at the border

Pakistani media outlets have been spreading fake news against India. Recently, a section of Pakistan media released a video of a "road accident" involving a convoy of BSF personnel as an act of retaliation by the Pakistan Army. The video is being circulated saying Pakistani forces have blasted a bus carrying Indian forces. The BSF has refuted the claim. 

On October 31, a bus carrying BSF personnel fell down in a gorge in East Jaintia Hills. The BSF said 93 officers were on duty when their bus skid off a hilly road. The incident left one person dead and more than 20 injured. This incident is being reported as a retaliatory action by the Pakistani forces. 

'The Incident Is Being Reported Falsely'

"The incident took place in the evening around 4 pm when a BSF bus fell in a 100 feet deep gorge. The rescue operation was captured by an officer on his mobile phone. This video footage is getting Pakistan media's attention as they are claiming it to be a border incident which is completely false," a BSF Jawan said.

A Twitter handle of a social media activist working for Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) also shared the clips. The activist falsely claimed that the Pakistan forces 'blasted' a bus carrying BSF Jawans. The video was also shared by Pakistan media channel Fast news.

50 Fake Twitter Accounts Suspended

Earlier, many fake videos and photographs claiming to be from Kashmir were shared by Pakistan on social media to create false perceptions about Kashmir. There have also been reports of fake social media handles involving top serving and retired Army generals. Fake twitter handles of top serving and retired Army generals, including Indian Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat and other Army officers were created by Pakistan to spread propaganda after the abrogations of Article 370. After the Indian Army exposed the handles, 50 such accounts were suspended by Twitter. The posts tweeted from these fake handles usually had videos of alleged human rights violations or of an alleged civil-military rift.