London: In the high-profile extradition case of Jabir Motiwala, a top D-company aide, the Westminster Magistrates' Court here has sought details of terror linkages of Dawood Ibrahim with his aide. The court has asked US authorities to furnish details of Jabir's association with Dawood Ibrahim, who according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is accused of running global drug racket and executing killings, including serial bombings in India.

As the hearing comes to an end, the Pakistan High Commission officials were seen outside the court. The Pakistani diplomats have been trying their best to thwart or defer extradition of Jabir Motiwala whose detention in US can spill the beans on Dawood-ISI nexus, particularly relating to subversive activities in South Asia.

Jabir Motiwala, a Pakistan national is perceived as Dawood Ibrahim's key financial aide who manages D-company funds flowing out of its global crime syndicate operation. At present Motiwala, detained in London, is fighting his extradition to the US on serious drug trafficking charges and money laundering amounting to US $ 1.4 million.

The US have also charged Motiwala with having direct links with global terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, who according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is based in Karachi, Pakistan.

The court was curious to know Motiwala's links with the terror network headed by Dawood Ibrahim.

"There is an added element to this case in that there is a clear reference to this man's (Moti) position, who is said to be a lieutenant of the man (Ibrahim) who is involved in the most horrendous crimes, including bombings in India," said Judge John Zani at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London on Wednesday.

Sources said Pakistan has been providing best legal aide to Jabir to fight his case. Jabir's lawyers have earlier expressed apprehension that US authorities might slap enhanced terror charges on Jabir once he is extradited. The terror charges would put Jabir at risk of being sentenced for life imprisonment.

Sources close to Indian agencies informed IANS that the Pakistan High Commission in London had earlier also tried to thwart the extradition move by submitting a letter on behalf of the accused's lawyer in the court, saying Motiwala was a "well-known and respected businessman in Pakistan".

In fact, Pakistan fears that once Motiwala is extradited to the US, the close aide of D-Company can reveal the entire nexus between Dawood Ibrahim's underworld network (being operated from Karachi) and the don's connection with Pakistan's spy agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

The US has already declared Dawood Ibrahim a global terrorist running an international drug syndicate and sharing the gang's routes with Pakistan-based terror outfits. Sources said Dawood's key finance aide Motiwala appeared in the magistrate's courts in London after his arrest by Scotland Yard's Extradition Unit on charges of money laundering and sharing the proceeds of narcotics money earned on behalf of the D-Company.