The Khagantak missile on display at the ongoing DefExpo 2020 in Lucknow

Lucknow: In a major boost for Make in India, an Indian firm JSR Dynamics came up with its indigenous 180 km strike range air to ground missile Khagantak at the ongoing DefExpo-2020 here.

Speaking to ANI, JSR Dynamics Managing Director Air Marshal SB Deo said, “The Khagantak missile is a guide weapon with excellent aerodynamic performance and a seeker in the front which has got artificial intelligence to recognise targets.”

“The missile is an air-launch weapon with a range of 180 km when released from a height of 12 km,” he added.

On the need to have more indigenous companies working for the Indian defence sector, Deo said that previously India had to spend enormous money on foreign firms to get equipment at an unreasonable cost.

“Earlier, we didn’t have any choice but to buy equipment from foreign companies as it is a necessity for our defence sector. The government realised that with Indian companies making the equipment we can have it whenever we need it,” he added.

Deo also said that there is a huge market for precision weapons and some of the countries offering these weapons are at times driven by political compulsion.

“These countries sell their weapons cheap but they are not of the required quality. On the other hand, India has cheap labour but smart. In India software comes naturally to us. It is only in engineering that we were behind but we have access to the best machines. We can amalgamate these resources and make sure that we are in possession to compete globally. Hence, we will the quality of equipment like Europe but our pricing will be according to the Asia market,” he further said.

JSR Dynamics Managing Director expressed his happiness in having Indian companies producing jet engines.

He said, “If Indian-made jet engines are available then we will use those engines into out missiles. These missiles have a range of up to 297 km, one carries a warhead of 72 kg and the other carries a warhead of 146 kg.”

The ‘DefExpo 2020’ will culminate on February 8.